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Nemune Appreciation Fragrance Bath Powder – Lavender

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晚安前沐浴礼物 / 沐浴盐 / [分销商、制造商、进口商或分销商] Honyarado / [晚安前沐浴礼物 产品详情] ● 5 种与香水专家合作开发的沐浴盐 沐浴礼物套装。● 薰衣草混合香味。/ cate75067

Good Night Before Bath Gifts / Bath Salts / [Distributor, Manufacturer, Importer or Distributor] Honyaado / [Good Night Before Bath Gifts Product Details] ● 5 Bath Salts Bath Gift Sets developed in collaboration with perfume experts. ● Lavender mixed fragrance. /cate75067

15 in stock

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【晚安前的沐浴礼物 为你辛勤工作的产品详细信息】
● 沐浴礼物,包括由香味专家开发的 5 种沐浴盐。
● 薰衣草混合香味。

· 将1包(20g)放入浴缸中的热水(约200L)中,搅拌至溶解,然后洗澡。
・ 请在沐浴前后充分补充水分。


硫酸钠、碳酸氢钠、薰衣草提取物、水、二氧化硅、BG、香精(含橙油、薰衣草油)、红 106、蓝 1

・ 请勿用于沐浴以外的用途。
・ 本产品不可食用。如果大量吞咽,请采取饮水等措施并咨询医生。
– 本产品不含会损坏浴缸和浴壶的硫磺。
・ 使用本产品后,请用水清洗浴缸内部和循环孔的过滤器。
(1) 与柔软饰面组合使用 (2) 浸泡 (3) 磨碎的衣服
・ 请勿将本产品直接安装在浴缸上,因为它可能会使浴缸变色。
★ 保管注意事项
・ 请置于婴幼儿(婴幼儿)够不到的地方。

Product Category: Cosmetics

【Bath gift before good night Product details that work hard for you】
● Bath gift, including 5 bath salts developed by fragrance experts.
● Lavender blend scent.

· Put 1 sachet (20g) in hot water (about 200L) in a bathtub, stir until dissolved, then take a bath.
・It is recommended to take a slow bath with warm water of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius.
・ Please hydrate well before and after bathing.


Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Lavender Extract, Water, Silicon Dioxide, BG, Fragrance (Contains Orange Oil, Lavender Oil), Red 106, Blue 1

・ Do not use for anything other than bathing.
・If there is any abnormality in your skin or constitution, please consult a doctor before use.
・ This product is not edible. If swallowed in large quantities, take measures such as drinking water and consult a doctor.
・During use or after use, if you notice any abnormalities such as rash, redness, itching, irritation, etc. on your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
– This product does not contain sulphur which can damage bathtubs and tubs.
・ After using this product, please wash the filter inside the bathtub and the circulation hole with water.
・The remaining hot water can be used for washing, but please rinse with clean water. However, do not use it in the following cases.
(1) Use with Soft Finish (2) Soak (3) Shredded Clothes
・ Do not install this product directly on the bathtub as it may discolor the bathtub.
・Please refrain from using artificial marble bathtubs or 24-hour bathtubs.
★ Storage precautions
・ Please keep it out of the reach of infants (infants).
・If it gets wet, the color and fragrance may deteriorate, so please avoid high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.


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