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Okamoto Zero One 0.01mm Condom L Size 3pieces

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岡本繼 09 年推出均一厚度的 0.02 mm 水性聚氨酯安全套後,以科技超越科技,推出岡本所有產品內最薄,同樣是水性聚氨酯 (PU) 所制的 0.01 系列。此款安全套沒有乳膠的味道,適合對乳膠敏感人士。岡本 0.01 在日本製造,由茨城縣龍崎市的岡本株式會社茨城工廠生產,產品品質可靠和值得信賴。相比岡本 0.02,岡本 0.01在加入 350ml 水的實驗中表現近2倍的延伸力,柔軟度令人驚嘆,在配戴時不會感到緊縛,同時緊貼性滿足使用上“不脫落”的要求。安全性方面,岡本通過破裂實驗﹑漏水實驗、針孔檢查,做到“不破損”和“不滲漏”。

Following the introduction of 0.02 mm water-based polyurethane condoms with uniform thickness in 2009, Okamoto surpassed technology with technology and launched the 0.01 series, the thinnest among all Okamoto products, which is also made of water-based polyurethane (PU). This condom has no latex smell and is suitable for those who are sensitive to latex. The Okamoto 0.01 is made in Japan at the Okamoto Co., Ltd. Ibaraki factory in Ryuzaki City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and the product quality is reliable and trustworthy. Compared with Okamoto 0.02, Okamoto 0.01 showed nearly 2 times the extension force in the experiment of adding 350ml of water, the softness is amazing, it will not feel tight when wearing, and the tightness meets the requirement of “not falling off” in use. . In terms of safety, Okamoto achieved “no damage” and “no leakage” through rupture experiments, water leakage experiments, and pinhole inspections.

12 in stock

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