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POLA Growing Shot Glamorous Care Conditioner Refill-Prevent hair loss

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10 in stock

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● 适应
健康的头皮环境 含有支持健康头皮环境的POLA原创美容成分Paudalco树皮提取物。滋润头皮,营造健康的头皮环境。 ●蕴含POLA独创美容成分黑米提取物,打造

黑米提取物 从黑米中提取的提取物。黑米含有丰富的蛋白质和矿物质,据说曾供奉中国历代皇帝。

●Contains hair-repairing ingredients and beauty ingredients to repair damaged hair and give hair firmness and elasticity.
Moisturizes hair while repairing damage, leaving it vibrant, firm and lustrous.

● adapt
Healthy Scalp Environment Contains Paudalco Bark Extract, POLA’s original beauty ingredient that supports a healthy scalp environment. Moisturizes the scalp and creates a healthy scalp environment. ●Contains POLA’s original beauty ingredient black rice extract to create

Black shiny hair.
Moisturizes and prepares shiny black hair.
Black Rice Extract Extract from black rice. Black rice is rich in protein and minerals, and is said to have been enshrined in ancient Chinese emperors.


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