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PureSmileChoosy Lip Mask – Strawberry

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累计出货量突破2700万的CHOOSY唇包进行了大更新。它是一种特殊的 Moteki Lips 包装,可粘贴、压碎和剥落。一共有四种:新鲜草莓香、香甜浓郁的香草香、甜蜜香、果香桃香。四种保湿成分接近双唇,只需涂抹含有大量水分的凝胶片,即可打造理想双唇。

The CHOOSY lip bag, whose cumulative shipment exceeded 27 million, has undergone a major update. It’s a special Moteki Lips packaging that sticks, crushes and peels. There are four kinds in total: fresh strawberry, sweet and rich vanilla, sweet and fruity peach. Four moisturizing ingredients are close to the lips, just apply a gel sheet with a lot of moisture to create the ideal lips.

Out of stock

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