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THE GINZA Hybrid Gel Oil 100ML

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Oil but not oily. Spreads out like gel as if melting on the skin. It feels like this serum deftly senses the skin condition, makes the skin refreshed, full of vivacity, and smooth and radiant like being dressed in a silk robe.

它是一支维稳油,不是修复油。The Ginza用起来没有季节的限制,春秋任何时候用完皮肤立刻水嫩嫩的。

Out of stock

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〇 Skin safeguards human being from external threats as the outermost material layer. In light of this fundamental physiological purpose, it is critical to keep skin well-conditioned and healthy-looking, by protecting skin from environmental adversarial factors like dryness and busy modern lifestyle.
-The Ginza’s original ingredient Perceptive Complex EX™ has moisturizing and skin-conditioning properties. It includes Rosa Roxyburghii fruit extract, sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan, polyquaternium-51, Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract (with anti-oxidant property), and dipropylene glycol.

○ Spreads with a fresh feeling despite being an oil form, and makes the skin smooth like silk.
– Hybrid Silk Veil™ formula employed.
〇 Infused with nature-inspired oil ingredients, tenderly envelopes the skin and locks moisture.
– Formulated with baobab oil, argan oil (emollient ingredient).
〇 Moisturizes and conditions dehydrated skin instantly.
○ Skin feels better prepped for the following skincare products.
〇 Skin feels less puffy and appears brighter with a healthy glow, if apply with message along with lymphatic flow.
○ Can also be applied as a luxuriously scented hand care.
○ The fresh and calming Linden Aroma transforms everyday skincare into blissful, relaxing ritual.


○ 关注皮肤生理,因为保护生命的皮肤处于充满水分的健康状态。保护肌肤免受干燥等外界环境的影响,打造独一无二的健康肌肤*。
* 健康的皮肤是具有组织良好的角质层的滋润健康的皮肤。

・ 虽然是油状,但清爽涂抹,令肌肤如丝般柔滑。
・ 瞬间滋润并为干燥的肌肤做好准备。
・ 使皮肤状态与稍后使用的护肤品相适应。
・ 用奢华香氛包裹的手油护理,享受舒适放松的时光。
・ 高品质清新的椴树香气,让日常护理成为让您心旷神怡的放松时光。


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