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Suisai Beauty Clear Powder 32 Piece New

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21 in stock

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含有2个酵素&氨基酸类洗净成分※,在保护毛孔内的黑头污垢、角栓、粗糙、老化角质的同时清除干净,每次清洗即可提升透明感。 洗完光滑的素颜美肌的酵素洁面粉。 洗净肌肤,防止粉刺。


Contains 2 enzymes & amino acid cleansing ingredients*, which protects the blackhead dirt, horn plugs, roughness, and aged keratin in the pores while removing it, improving the transparency every time you wash it. Enzyme Cleansing Powder for smooth skin without makeup. Cleanse the skin and prevent acne.

※Cleansing ingredients: protease (protease), sebum-decomposing enzyme (aloe vera), amino acid cleansing ingredients (Na lauroyl glutamate, sodium glutamine glutamate)


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