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SVELTY Smart Bacteria Probiotic Diet Supplement 120 tablets

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It is a supplement containing Bifidobacterium “B3” selected from hundreds of strains.

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SMART菌+兒茶素: 強效分解脂肪,減少脂肪積聚達20%!
B3菌: 維持良好小腸環境,吞噬腸內油脂!
EC12菌: 專門針對腹部脂肪,明顯收腰減腩!


– 請遵照每日建議用量服用,身體感到異常時請停止服用。
– 請確認原料,有相應食物過敏者請勿服用。
– 特殊人群(如兒童、孕婦、哺乳期·藥物治療期間等人群),請諮詢醫師後服用。
– 健康食品對服用時間基本沒有規定,用餐後服用更易消化吸收。
– 請於食用後立即關緊封口並儘速食用完畢。
– 請置於陰涼乾燥處,避免陽光直射。
– 內附之乾燥劑/脫氧劑,請勿食用。
– 請置於幼兒無法取得之處。
– 使用後若有不適等狀況,請停止使用並請教專業醫生。
– 請勿將產品放在陽光曝曬的地方。

✦產品規格: 120粒

✦Product introduction
SMART Bacteria+Catechin: Powerful decomposition of fat, reducing fat accumulation by 20%!
B3 bacteria: maintain a good small intestine environment and devour intestinal fat!
EC12 bacteria: specifically for abdominal fat, significantly reduce waist and belly!
160 kinds of vegetable and fruit enzymes: maintain intestinal conditions, prolong the efficacy of SMART bacteria, and effectively defecate.
Among the 28 kinds of fungi, the most important is SMART bacteria. It converts an estimated 70% of neutral bacteria in the body, “Riwa Jian Mushroom” into “Good Jade Bacteria” that helps to reduce cellulite. With 20% of its own “Good Jade Bacteria”, there are more than 130 billion in the body. The bacteria decompose and expel fat together, enhance the body’s metabolism, kick the belly, and restore a flat lower abdomen.

✦How to use
Take 4-6 capsules a day with warm water.

– Please follow the recommended daily dosage, and please stop taking it if your body feels abnormal.
– Please confirm the raw materials, and those with corresponding food allergies should not take it.
– For special populations (such as children, pregnant women, breastfeeding, drug treatment, etc.), please consult a physician before taking it.
– There is basically no regulation on the time of taking healthy food, and it is easier to digest and absorb when taken after a meal.
– Please close the seal immediately after eating and consume as soon as possible.
– Please keep in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
– The enclosed desiccant/deoxidizer should not be eaten.
– Keep it out of the reach of young children.
– If there is any discomfort after use, please stop using it and consult a professional doctor.
– Do not place the product in a place exposed to sunlight.

✦Product specification: 120 capsules


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