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BCL TSURURI Morocco Sea Mud Moisture Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

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7 in stock

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不要用于暴露、潮湿、湿疹、皮疹、溃烂、异常等症状在身上。情况,请继续使用可能会导致出现症状,使用,并咨询皮肤请停止。请注意不要眼睛若不慎入,请立即清洗。眼睛保留异物感时,请进入眼科治疗。请保存。在婴幼儿无法接触到的地方。 ◇ 不要在活动中加入高温、低温、阳光直射的地方。使用后请拧紧瓶盖。因为添加了天然成分,所以从那里附加的东西会变得透明。流体,但不是质量问题。

使含有黑色素的老化腐蚀,带来透光感。可以轻松携带 3 分钟黑糖提取物。

Product introduction
Do not use for exposure, dampness, eczema, rash, ulceration, abnormality and other symptoms on the body. In case, please continue to use may cause symptoms, use and consult the skin please stop. Please be careful not to enter the eyes accidentally, please wash it immediately. When the eye retains a foreign body sensation, go to an ophthalmologist. Please save. In places out of the reach of infants and young children. ◇ Do not add high temperature, low temperature and direct sunlight to the event. Please tighten the cap after use. Because of the addition of natural ingredients, what is attached from there will become transparent. Fluid, but not a quality issue.

It makes the aging corrosion containing melanin and brings a sense of light transmission. Can easily carry 3 minutes of black sugar extract.


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